Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back in Black (and White)!

It's been a busy 3 months, folks.

Too busy. Thankfully, the bunny didn't see his shadow, so there will not be an extended winter for this book!

Though Dust Bunny's taken a bit of a rabbit punch to the production time line, it feels really great to say that the end may be in sight for a couple of the freelance jobs that have kept me from fully focusing on the graphic novel.

And with such a long hiatus comes a renaissance of inspiration for the project. Though my outside work has held me to the constrictions of style and deadline these past few months, I've been able to break the chains here and there in order to reassess myself as an independent designer. I believe that's paramount to any artist; not only trying to find a voice, but trying to maintain it once you've found it. I've been so consumed in honoring the barriers of commercial work, it's simultaneously exhilarating and blinding to step out into the sun again so that my mind can run free. The fear is that it runs away and never returns. That being said, I made this...

Yes, a TMNT/X-Men mash-up! (more can be viewed here). Though it isn't Dust Bunny art, some of the techniques I was able to explore through these illustrations has already proven valid in the way that I'll be handling the last 3rd of the graphic novel. And that, to me, is extremely exciting! The book has literally gone through a three act paradigm, not only in the story...but with elements of the style. If anything, this has further reinforced that autobiographical variable within Dust Bunny (to which I could have never planned for, but would never willingly bury). With all of the above, there's no way I could accurately expound upon the roller coaster I've been riding the past 3 months. So, if you take anything away from this long awaited update, take this - I'm excited to finally be back on the book!

And so, I present to you the latest work-in-progress page. No spoilers, obviously. The scene's antagonist is a favorite of mine, so I'm saving him for release!
 Thanks for being so patient with me, guys. Your continued support and understanding has really, really helped to alleviate the stress of the past 10 weeks. Looking forward to giving you more! Also, be sure to follow Dust Bunny on Facebook for more frequent updates!