Monday, October 8, 2012

Video Update from the Claybank Jamboree!

This past weekend marked a big milestone for myself as well as some of the talented people I'm surrounded with!

Saturday played many roles; one of which was taking Dust Bunny pre-orders from an open audience, allowing me to dip my toes in the waters of on-site vendor work. Wonderful prep for things to come, I hope. The book did better than I thought it would, and the overall response was extremely gratifying! It's always nice to get a face-to-face reaction from someone in regards to the graphic novel. It keeps me energized and amped up to keep going. A very hearty thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to buy prints, pre-order Dust Bunny, or just offer up encouraging words!

Secondly, my mortal enemy Joshua David Matthews has finally rallied enough resources to raise his evil empire - Giant Step Films. Before you do anything else, go check out the new Halloween documentary pitch - "Ten Thirty-One". You have the opportunity (for free) to actually be in the company's debut film! Spread the word! It's going to be great!

Now, onto the video!

Claybank Jamboree from Brett Brooks on Vimeo.