Saturday, February 2, 2013


And by now, you probably have grandkids in college that would be interested in buying the title as well. My deepest, sincerest thanks to everyone for hanging on with me this long. I did not receive one - not one -  email or message of impatience from anyone regarding the time it has taken to produce this book. You all showed me an incredible amount of endurance and understanding, and I...well...I just love you all so darn much for it. Darn much!

I've already received a number of questions regarding the next step - "Brett, where can I buy a copy?", "Brett, what site are you publishing through?", "Wait, when did you do a graphic novel...?"

Though the book's art is officially complete, there are a few more loose ends to tie up. I've outlined them below, so that you all can have a very clear understanding of the timeline.

- This next week will be spent combing through the pages, checking for spelling and grammatical errors, and any type of small edits that are necessary to unify the project visually. I will also be finalizing the cover, the (pending) foreword, and a couple of extra pages in the back of the book.

- After the edits are done, I will be submitting the book to a publishing site for a PROOF (a single print sent to the author for approvals). The proof could take as long as a week to arrive. Once I've gone through the printed book and approved the product, I'll place the first bulk order. These initial prints will go to my faithful Kickstarter backers, but may not be in my hands until the end of the month.

- From there, you will most likely have the option to order through the printing site, or through myself (if I have copies on hand to ship). Admittedly, I'm new to this side of the process, so I say all of this with a sliver of caution. But I will keep everyone updated on the process as it finalizes!

- Please "Like" the Dust Bunny Facebook Page if you haven't, or follow me on Twitter! Future updates on the book will be posted there, and the support is greatly appreciated!

Again, thank you all. Nothing I say here can fully encapsulate how indebted I am to everyone who supported and encouraged this project from its inception. I am extremely proud to present Dust Bunny to the world, and anxiously await your response. This has been quite the journey, and I couldn't have taken it without you.

From dust to dust,

Brett Brooks