Monday, January 30, 2012

Thinking Inside the Box: Video Blog #4

Greetings, all!

Apologies for the recent hiatus. It's been a juggling act of pages and freelance as of late, so I'm hoping to find a new groove here soon.

Speaking of grooviness, check out my new vlog! It departs a bit from the previous videos, and showcases my process for creating a opposed to a full minute of my self-proclaimed nicknames (by which no one calls me), or a shot of me dancing in an elevator. Constructively contrary to either of those examples, we actually see Gumshoe's debut as he and Dust Bunny discuss the pressing matters of my musical taste. And though the thoughts and opinions of a shape shifting piece of bubble gum and a dirty rabbit do not necessarily reflect the views of this artist, it's really exciting to finally be bringing ol' Gums into the mix, as he plays a really cool role in the book later on.

Also, if you'd like to keep slightly closer tabs on the book's progress, I do soft updates about once a week through the Dust Bunny Facebook page as well as my own Twitter account. If you're not following one or both of those, hip-hop on the train! The updates are usually small process snippets, but they absolve me of any crimes of laziness. Or at least, the real artist that I pay to do all of this stuff.

Living the dream.