Monday, October 3, 2011

SEQA Lab Interview.

This past Friday, I had the extreme honor to be interviewed on SEQA Lab - a podcast that covers a myriad of topics in the comics world. It was hosted by John Larison, Becca Hillburn, Rebecca Mehnert, and Lewis Squeezy Jones. They record every Friday from Norris Hall at the Savannah College of Art and Design (in Savannah, GA), and post the shows on Monday.

We chatted about a number of topics surrounding the process of Dust Bunny, as well as the role that Kickstarter has played in the whole endeavor. The videos that I post on here are always entertaining to piece together. But there's something very disarming about a live interview, and I was really pleased with the candid lining that came through during the questions. The whole thing turned out great. Take a listen below! (#169)

And stay tuned. I'll be posting another video update soon, covering a couple of really great opportunities that I had to share Dust Bunny with interested (and potential) readers!

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