Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Pages To Go!

Admittedly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to update progress on Dust Bunny. Hence, the cryptic silhouette shot with zero context.

It's not for the lack of labor, art, or substance to share. But with an approximate 30 pages left on the book, and closing in rapidly on the story's climax, nearly every snippet of interesting art is either a spoiler, or just something that I don't want to reveal before the book is released. I want this to be a fresh read for everyone who was awesome enough to contribute to its success.

I've done my best to keep entire characters, and scenes under the radar, yet share what I can in order to assure all of my amazing supporters that, yes, this machine is still cranking. However, my once generous ration of content surrounding the static sleuth has slimmed out quite a bit, and I want all of you to experience this story to its fullest once it's in your hands.

That being said, I will continue to keep everyone updated over the course of the next month or so on the book's progress. Soft updates occur a bit more frequent on the Dust Bunny Facebook Page! Again, a million thanks for everyone's patience! Happy November!

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