Saturday, August 25, 2012

Process Trifecta!

It's been truly exciting to finally be back on Dust Bunny in full force. And with it, as always, comes the satisfaction of including you folks in my journey to a finished graphic novel! With less than a third of the book remaining, I've decided to present a full-on page creation from the ground up!

These 3 videos are a slight departure from previously posted footage. This time around, I'll be taking you a little deeper into my process through a commentary track, outlining some of my homemade approaches to getting exactly what I want out of Dust Bunny and the world he lives in!

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Enjoy the videos!

Creating the Page, Part 1 - The Sketch from Brett Brooks on Vimeo.

Creating the Page, Part 2 - The Inks from Brett Brooks on Vimeo.

Creating the Page, Part 3 - Tones and Textures from Brett Brooks on Vimeo.

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