Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweeping the Public.

So, for my first official update since going public, here's Gumshoe and Jimmy Lint - two officers from the story who play vital roles in the apprehension of our villain. Soon, I will be adding a character page to give everyone some sort of an idea as to who's who in this whole thing.

Jointly, I think a celebration is definitely in order.

Only a couple days after my public commitment on Facebook to make this graphic novel a reality, over 100 people have already been swept into my dustpan of followers. This is truly flattering, and quite a surprise to be honest. Just to know that there's even a remote interest by anyone to see this book happen is a wonderful feeling.

The launch of this project came at the hands of a very nervous, and intimidated artist. Committing myself to something like this is very different than anything I've ever done before. The past month has been spent prepping for when I actually do begin laying down pages for the final product (my aim is to complete page 1 on July 1st). And I think I was reluctant to release an idea into the world that hadn't fully matured in its flavor yet. Right now, everything is very much under construction. The blog isn't finished. The art isn't finished. This sentence isn't fini.

Don't worry! The story is complete. But all of the required strokes to paint that picture are still being cast. All of that to say it's a little scary to present this to everyone, asking for the trust that it will see the light of day.

But it's all so groovy, because I'm jazzed about this whole thing, baby. And I think pairing that with your accountability, support, and encouragement are going to be invaluable factors in the development of this book.

These guys here look pretty jazzed, too.

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