Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back Track to The Future.

I think the coolest, and simultaneously most frustrating development for the story right now is that yesterday, I pieced together one of the most important thematic variables of the book. Up until now, I had reluctantly settled on how to handle this particular story element. It wasn't something I wanted to settle on, but I needed to get cranking on pages, and time was ticking. Then yesterday the solution hit me, and I now face the challenge of working my new development into the pages that I've already completed. I think it'll be fairly easy to do. And I'm careful to not complain about such things. I mean, if those are my biggest problems in life, then I think I'll be ok (note: those are not my biggest problems in life).

Inspiration can be a funny creature. It comes and goes as it pleases. At times, it only leaves a little bit of milk in the metaphorical fridge, and in your irritation, you don't take the final sip on sheer principle. Maybe yesterday I was just too thirsty, and that last gulp was exactly what I needed. I'd be happier if inspiration found a job and started helping pay the bills.

Still with me?

So, today I go back to the beginning of the story and preface everything I've done with 3 additional pages to set up a pretty important piece of Basement City's communication network...or...their "gnatwork." Aren't you curious now?

Speaking of gnatworking, have you buzzed about Dust Bunny with anyone today?

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