Friday, July 29, 2011

Gut Reactions.

Today's images serve two purposes.

The first is to give you a little taste of how Mite is being handled in the book. When he's not in extreme close-up, he's just a speck, which is fun because I get to play around with how a virtually invisible character affects his surroundings. That's him pummeling a thug with a stomach shot. Thug never had a chance.

The other purpose is to show a little process. While most of this panel stayed the same in the end, I realized that I was unhappy with Dust Bunny's pose during the inking phase, and I wanted to rock something a little more dynamic. Also, the power blast coming from the thug's stomach didn't really encompass a "foomp-ish" feel. So I axed it.

The absolutes of the creative process keep reintroducing themselves throughout this whole adventure. One of the reminders I'm constantly getting is that I don't get it right the first time a lot of times. I don't power through pages. I pencil, I wait, I stare, I get a Pepsi, I ink, I stare, I ink some more, I stare...and it goes on like this through the day until, through some miracle, I'm looking at a finished page by 3am. The whole process is slimy, yet satisfying.

At any rate, everything is moving along nicely. Thank you, again, to all who have supported or backed this project. I'm amazed at how many people are continuing to reserve their own copy of the book! It's just awesome. Keep spreading the love, and I'll be sure to keep the updates comin'!

Foomp, there it is.

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