Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go Green.

Very cool things on the way.

Today I took a break from the art table and stepped into the studio to cap off the production phase of what could possibly be one of the most important developmental steps in my journey with Dust Bunny.

Joshua David Matthews came through for me and put together a tiny, (but awesome) crew in order to help make this next chapter a reality. For me, what's to come not only represents the undeniable commitment being made to this project, but also the passion that drives it forward. To take the process off the paper and submerge it into this medium gives the entire concept a new dimension, and I'm absolutely thrilled about the whole thing.

Over the course of the week, I'll be working with Josh (more like looking over his shoulder and telling him how to do his job) on putting together an edit that transcends "what" this book is, and touches a little bit more on "why" this book is. The hope is to share it with all of you early next week. I appreciate all the support and traffic that you guys bring to this blog. Please continue to talk about it and pass it on to others that you think might be interested. You have a bigger hand in this than you realize. And for me, it makes for an exciting first experience.

As well, a thousand thank yous to Pikey Holdredge, Whitney Hess, and Kyle Watson for taking the time to crew the set today. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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