Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tales from the Script...

After only a couple days of launching the promo video for Dust Bunny, I've received quite the flurry of responses; a lot from people I've never met, and even a couple from international buyers...which is very encouraging. Thank you to all who have pledged, and really shown support for this project.

Getting deeper into the art, I decided to print off a hard copy of the nearly 200-page script, so that I could make a few final tweaks. This is included in one of the rewards for pledging towards the comic, and I thought it would be nice to throw a picture of it up, along with a couple of panels from the first few pages, so that you can see what you'll be receiving...

...which is a worm shooting chlorine out of a tommy gun. If you think you misread the sentence before this one, I'll recap: "...which is a worm shooting chlorine out of a tommy gun."

See, now you can say you've seen that. Bucket list accomplished.

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