Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thumbnailin' it.

You'd think I was claustrophobic from the way I can feel this closing in...

What you're looking at here are two shots of the thumbnails in process (spanning pages far). I'm almost wrapped on the prep work. I anticipate about 30 more thumbs, and I'll be ready to dive into the full pages.

The end of June provided a snafu or two in my work flow - one of the biggest being moving everything I own into a new studio. So, out of necessity, I've pushed my start date back a week. In the end, I think it'll have been worth the patience.

I openly admit to being intimidated and nervous about taking on this book. It's a huge commitment, as I've previously expressed. But I think it's healthy to admit these fears, as long as they don't fuel an excuse train. Excuses are probably the easiest slope to slip down. They're nothing but a gateway drug into full-out apathy. I started into a diatribe of why I can't stand laziness, excuses, and people hiding behind amendments to fuel selfishness...but I deleted it, realizing I' entire point to today's post...

...which was to show some hard evidence that the pre-production process is nearly complete! Having been thrown off by a few of life's unpredictable variables, I want to make sure that I've prepped myself to the best of my ability before launching into the full assault. I'm not aiming for perfection, as even in the production phase, things are always subject to change here and there. I truly just want to make sure that I have everything tight enough to satisfy my audience in the end.

Remember when "Lost" did that? Yeah, me neither.

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